When responded to their promotion (free airline tickets just to visit their travel agency), and made the appointment because they claimed that it is a travel agency that offered vacations at a discount reduced price. During the presentation, they made false claims regarding the quality of the resorts available, they said they were 5-star quality resorts/villas/condos located all over the world available at a reduced price, and specified a savings of over $2,000 per week. We asked them if there were resorts in countries like Argentina, Chile, China, etc., and they said yes. When we asked for the list of resorts, they said there are so many and we can access it all when we become members (i.e., after signing a contract). After being lured by the misrepresentations, we were offered a big savings if we signed that same day. We expressed our concerns about signing without an opportunity for research and we were lulled into false security that under "normal" circmstances, one could not cancel an agreement without penalty, but that we could if we cancel within 7 days of purchase. With this in mind, we bought a membership for $5,000. When we got ready to travel we checked the available "resorts" from their website only to find that they were mostly condos and not resorts and upon checking those condos, found complaints of people who stayed in some of them that they were dirty and infested with bugs. The resort they recommended in Puerto Rico had a warning that they were mugged in the parking lot. Why would we have to pay the membership fee for something that we could rent at the same price and get an immediate confirmation of a reservation (versus the 60-90-180 days waiting to book with VNI)? We then contacted them for a refund and were told that we could cancel but would not get a refund. We were seduced by false promises and misleading assurances and no longer wished to do business with such dishonest people. We have written back and forth with the company and they continue to tell us what fantastic propertiees they have. We also called our credit card company and told them we wanted to dispute the charges. They said based on the contract we could not do so.

We believe that misrepresentations and luring us with a presentation littered with false promises were made purposely with the intention of inducing us to sign are elements of fraud.

I encourage anyone who is solicited to NOT do business with them.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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